Price and Payments

You all made payments of 1000 PLN when booking the room, the payment you made
when booking the room will be moved towards your deposit (returnable on check out)
and you will need to make the payment of rent for the month of October in the amount
of 1000 PLN, plus 50 PLN/day for the days (September) before the October 1,
which are not covered by the rent you will have paid.


Price for students of School of Medicine in English:

  • 1000 PLN/month for a single room (in a two-single-rooms sets)
  • 50 PLN/night for a single room (in a two-single-rooms sets)


Payment of rent for each month is due by 10th of each month.
Information on that is included in the Rules and Regulations of the Dormitory,
which are available in each of the rooms, and acknowledgement of which is made
when signing the personal details form at the reception desk. 
The monthly rent covers the period for the first to the last day of each month. 


Payment is to be made to the dormitory account:

Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum

ul. św. Anny 12
31-008 Kraków


Account no:
PL 65  1240  2294  1111  0010  4289  5843


Please remember to indicate your:
surname, name, room number and name of the month for which you are making
the payment in the title of the wire.

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