Dear Students,

We have been authorized by the Jagiellonian University authorities
to provide you with very important information related to the urgent need
to reaccommodate of the entire dormitory building “D” – Raclawicka.

All students will have to move this weekend  to the UJ CM Student Center
in Prokocim.

Move-in date:

26.02.2022r. (Saturday) for UJ CM students

27.02.2022r. (Sunday) for SMO + UJ CM students,  who returned from holidays to the dormitory on Saturday

28.02.2022r. (Monday) for SMO and UJ CM students, who returned from holidays to the dormitory on Sunday


Students will be accommodated in the Student Hostel “A”, ul. Badurskiego 17 in Administration

(OFFICE 1 on the first floor) from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

We will have at our disposal one or two UJ CM cars with drivers who will help transport you and your luggage.

If anyone has their own car and could help someone move it would be
a big help.

There will be a possibility to leave some things (without groceries)
in an additional Deposit Box.

Please describe the luggage you leave behind: your name (first name, last name) and room number.

The situation is temporary, but as of today we are not able to determine
the time.

We hope that in this difficult situation we can count on your understanding
and together we will manage to carry out the entire logistical operation. 

Hoping to see you again soon on Racławicka Street

DS “D” Administration


© Uniwersytet Jagielloński - Collegium Medicum